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Understanding Astrology

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From the earliest records of the earliest people all over the world, the belief that the planets as well as the sun and the moon have an influence on life on earth has been constant and universal. The roots of this belief are most probably as old as language itself, evolving out of ancient cultures where the unity between the individual and the cosmos was taken for granted. While out of this belief, the meaningful observation of the recurring rhythms and cycles of the heavens grew into an astrology that became a sacred art, rich in its own lore and symbolism. Initiates studying this art sought to gain access to the intuitive perceptions of the workings of the energies behind life, and glimpse the divine.  Over time, astrology became imbued with such deep truths as could only be approached through myth and symbol.



Hello world!

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S Jones said

I'm knee-deep in my reports and I just wanted to stop back by to say I'm LOVING it! You do excellent work and I'm really getting a lot of new insights and that's even after having studied astrology and my chart for a while. 

I am really benefitting from the added perspective of another, more experienced astrologer's eyes on my chart and the software you have written to put the information together quickly is wonderful stuff because you have put in enough information for me to be able to understand things like when two elements of my chart seem to be saying different things, which is the stronger influence, which is mitigating the other, etc. Great stuff!

I highly recommend anyone else reading this thread and considering ordering from John to just go ahead and take the leap. I'm learning so much more about myself from reading his report and I'm sure you will, too.